Debt Administration

DEBT - HELP - U is a national business venture in South Africa that utilizes relevant laws and systems to administer debt that has been mismanaged by individuals and includes, but is not limited to Section 74 (Act 32 of 1944) Administration of debt, management of debt, liquidation, personal budgeting insurance and executing of deceased estates.

The Head office is situated in George and there are several regional offices nationally.

Personal money management has become essential. It is necessary for every family to manage their income just as in the case of a government or business concern; the family cannot survive if income and expenditure do not balance. Income is all money that you earn and expenditure is all money you pay on food, rent, clothing, furniture etc.


Last Will and Testament

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A will or a "Last Will and Testament" is a document in which you describe exactly what you want to happen to your goods and assets after you die. To be valid, a will has to be drawn up correctly and signed by you and two witnesses at the same time. Your will is part of your estate's overall financial management plan. Should you die intestate (without a valid will), your assets can go people you never intended to benefit - and the process can take very long. A clear Last Will and Testament ensures that, after your death, your assets are distributed according to your wishes. It is best to have your will drawn up professionally. This can be done by a lawyer, your insurance company, your bank or a trust company. In your will you must stipulate an executor which, in the case of a very simple estate, could be a family member.


Estate Management

Managing your Estate

You might have heard the term estate and may have wondered what it means. Here is an explanation:

When a mother expects a child, the parents are excited and plan the baby's room, clothing and name. They even have dreams for the unborn child's future, but few realise that the birth of a child brings certain responsibilities. One of these is that the child has to be registered with the local authorities after birth in order for the child to one day get an identity document, passport, employment and a bank account. And with the registration of the child - let's say it's YOU - an estate is registered. The word "estate" means "property or possessions". Once your birth has been registered, you automatically become the "managing director" of your estate.